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What do we look for

Franchisees come from many walks of life, and what we look for are people with business ownership experience, sales and marketing experience and entrepreneurs. Franchisees must also be active in the business to make it a success.

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Unit Franchise Fee – $10,000
Establishment costs – $44,000 – $54,000
Working Capital – $9,000 – $13,000

Revenue & Payback Period

General Annual turnover – $192,000 to $235,400
The average payback period of a Cartridge World Unit Franchise is 2-3 years, and how you do this, is down to your hard work and our training and ongoing support.

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Top Performers

One of our top performers in the LAC region has taken our Why Buy Printer program business model and developed a business generating circa $1 million in annual sales.

In the UK, our Master has taken our E-commerce strategy and built an online business of annual sales circa $1 million

In East Africa, our franchisee has captured double the potential in market share in Tanzania through developing our store model.

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What Do I Need to Do?

  • In such a lucrative industry, totalling 0.1% of global GDP, the opportunities are huge.
  • The business models we have developed enable growth, customer retention, and gross margin on average of 60%.
  • You will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to not only sell our Premium brand inkjet and toner cartridges, but also to build a network placed printers under our Managed Print business models.

Did you know?

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Establishment costs and working capital may vary due to regional differences such as rent and labour costs, size of store. Establishing any business inherently involves uncertainty and risk and Cartridge World cannot and does not guarantee the level of performance of any of its locations. It is your responsibility to ensure you come up with your own budget based on your own estimates and are specific to your circumstances. As every business is different it is not possible for Cartridge World to supply you with any guaranteed performance figures or estimates regarding the future financial performance of your specific or any other specific location. The above information is provided to help you prepare your own estimates of the potential financial performance of a location in the Cartridge World network. Cartridge World takes no responsibility for the data supplied above or the forward projections and earnings. It is strongly recommended that you seek your own professional independent accounting, business and financial advice.